Thursday, September 13, 2007

Is for ...
{Fanny pack (n.) - a horrible fashion faux pa}

Warning! If you are wearing a fanny pack, own a fanny pack, collect fanny packs or happen to adore fanny packs - you won't like this blog entry.

I have nothing against people who choose to wear fanny packs. I believe you can't help it and have been abducted by 'fanny pack aliens' who brain washed you into wearing one. I don't know how they got here - the aliens or fanny packs, but they are here. Gasp!

Just recently, I read an article in the paper about how these horrible little things are coming back into style. Why? Please someone tell me - why?

Other names for fanny pack: "belt pack", "hip pack", "junkie pack", "body wallet" and "the pouch"

Whatever name it goes by, a fanny pack is still a fanny pack. Here's what I have to say to one the next time we meet:

"Farwell you sad, little pouch - go back to fanny pack planet."

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Kami said...

Ooh, I feel the need to brag here that I have NEVER owned a fanny pack! Yeay! Even when I was a "skater chick" in the 80's. Some of my friends did, though. I have always felt they were frumpy and ugly. Do I sound sufficiently snobby yet?