Tuesday, September 18, 2007

"Riding with Joann"
A sitcom - inspired by LIFE!

I do a lot of mailing at this mail stop around the corner. Special thanks to Warren for always being there to help me with the packages! Over the past six months, I’ve been in that mail place at least 25 times to ship CDs, books and other ‘dreams in the makings.’ One day, I was in there to mail off my film treatment to California – so it could get an official Writer’s Guild of the West number assigned to it. As usual, he asked, “What are you up to now?” And as usual I said, “Just chasing down my dreams!”

I was in the mail center today and he asked if my sitcom was being produced. I told him no and asked why he was wondering. He told me heard about a new sitcom on ABC called: “Carpoolers” and hoped it was mine! (For the record: It's not my sitcom).

The working title of the sitcom I wrote is: “Riding with Joann” – the idea was based on true events from my life. When my husband and I were first married, we only had one car. This very nice, kind lady offered to take me to work everyday. Her name is Joann and we carpooled for about a year. I learned a great deal from her and our daily commute!

My sitcom is clean, funny and suitable for audiences looking for good, inspiring, uplifting entertainment (packaged in sitcom form). If you know of a producer who might be interested, please send him/her my way!

The pilot episode is ready to roll … Let me know if you need a film treatment. It’s registered with the WGA (Writers Guild of America, West).

Cheers to our little moments that inspire bigger ones!!!
And to the daily ‘commute’ with its ever changing scenery, challenges and humor ...


Anonymous said...

yhank tou!!!

Jayci said...

hey Wendy! thanks for the 'stumble'! always nice to meet more bloggers. Who do we have in common (if anyone)? My uncle writes treatments for movies (he acutally did The Italian Job remake one). I'm impressed with all the mind-power you have to have to come up with all that. :) what sort of things have you done? I'll just have to peruse your blog!