Monday, September 17, 2007

Take time for YOU ...

Earlier this year, I was asked to teach a class on raising emotionally healthy children. This was a really great exprience and it caused me to to do some deep thinking and reflection on the importance of our individual emotional needs.

Below are a few of the points I shared:

It’s important that we KNOW ourselves and respect ourselves enough to maintain our ‘emotional foundation’. That way, we have a base to pull from in order to maintain the NEEDS of our children.

Each family unit (no matter how big or small) has NEEDS. And they are like the weather- always changing and not at all predictable! It's important to regulate our own emotions and needs so that we can deal with the emotional storms that arise from day to day.

The following quote helps us realize the importance of needs -
To reach his/her full potential, a person’s physical, mental, emotional,
social and spiritual needs must be met.
There is one word in that sentence that jumps out at me. Hopefully it jumps out at you too … it’s the word MUST. In order to reach our full potential, certain NEEDS MUST be met. And emotional stability can be achieved as we meet the needs in the above mentioned areas.

Take a moment now and write down three things you do each day to nurture your own emotional needs. Here’s some examples:

1. Call a friend and talk (social/emotional need).
2. Get outdoors - walk by the river or take a jog (physical need).
3. Say a prayer during the day or read something uplifting (spiritual).

The important thing about that activity, is identifying what needs are not being met and then finding a way to create ways to meet the needs. If this requires the help of another person – please don’t be afraid to ask for their support. Such as your husband, friend or children – kindly encourage them to add a degree of love to your life … maybe by listening, giving you a hug or taking a walk with you. We have families so that we can build emotional security. If you are out of the habit of caring for your own needs/emotions – make it a goal to create time for you. (Even if it is just 5 minutes a day)

As we care for our needs (which often requires those around us) we are better able
to raise emotinally healthy children.


Kylene said...

Wendy, thanks for the great tips and advice. I know I am a much better wife and mom when I take just a few minutes a day for me. My husband is happier and so are my girls. Also, I finished your darling book last night. I sighed, and smiled! It is fantastic. Thanks.

Wendy Christensen said...

Kylene, Thanks for the FUN blog note! I'm so glad you enjoyed the book :) Love, Wendy