Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Happy Tip #1 ...

{Plant Flowers in your yard ...}

Commentary: Yesterday, my daughter and I spent the afternoon together!
First, we had lunch (we sat on big high chairs, sipped on water and talked about our day).
Next, we spent an hour in the flower section picking out flowers for the yard.
Then, we came home and got our hands totally dirty with the dirt of the Earth ...
Just after we started to plant, the rains came pouring down - that didn't stop us!

Finally when we were soaking wet and the flowers were safely 'tucked in' ...
We dashed inside to dry off.

Cost of the flowers = $45.00
Memories created = Priceless!

PS: Be one who creates happiness!


Shaela said...

I love getting caught in the rain. In fact, I went out and DANCED in it yesterday! The kids got a kick out of that. It was so warm and rainy, I just couldn't help myself. :)

Rebecca Hickman said...

Our yard is my favorite place in the world.

Krystal said...

What wonderful memories. I love how you always remember "the little things" in life. Thanks for sharing!