Thursday, May 21, 2009

Peace. Love. Llamas!

My oldest son, Kade, ran for Vice President of his Middle School. I enjoyed being a part of his campaign and watching all the effort and time that went into running for this position!
My favorite part of the entire process was the night he read me his speech. He told a story about a llama that went to middle school and didn't fit in. He ended it with a very sweet statement about reaching out to all kids at his middle school and his desire for everyone to have a friend and a positive middle school experience! He had my vote :)....

It was fun to be part of his excitement when he received the - Congratulations! You won! phone call.

PS: I love you Kade - Keep sharing the peace and love - I know you will be a GREAT V.P. at your school.


Terresa said...

"Peace, love, llamas." I'm saving that one for someday when my four little kids are old enough to run for class VP, etc. Original & sweet! Congrats!

Baylie said...

Good Job Kade! That was great and I loved the whole "llama" thing. Miss you guys!