Monday, September 13, 2010

Plan to be surprised ...

The cover for "Dan in Real Life" - Don't let it stop you ...

It's the stuff inside that counts :)!! ...

Plan to be surprised

Recently, I watched the movie – “Dan in Real Life” and was totally surprised by my response to it. First of all, let’s rewind and talk about how many times I’ve walked by this DVD and thought (due to the cover) there was no way I’d find it interesting. On the cover is a big face shot of Steve Carell – (he’s the main character in the long-running Office sitcom that still runs on TV today). I don’t love his personality on the Office and have seen the sitcom maybe 10 times. So a big photo of his face on the cover of a DVD holds no appeal for me.

We recently signed up for Netflix and get our movies instantly and some via mail. I have to say that part of me misses the DVD hunt on Friday night at the local video shop – to me, there is something very fun about bumping into people while looking for the perfect flick … and I like holding the actual product and reading the cover before checking it out. Am I the only one left on the planet who actually likes to deal with REAL people as opposed to doing everything online?

So I get the mail one day and there it is – “Dan in Real Life” via Netflix. I have no idea what the movie is about and there is no big face shot on the cover of Steve Carell – otherwise I wouldn’t watch it. A week goes by and the movie is still sitting in the red and white envelope. My husband invites me to watch a movie with him – so I do.

Can you guess what we saw? Yup – “Dan in Real Life” I was so surprised by how much I liked it – I watched it again. And it changed my opinion of Steve Carell – the guy can act and I loved his character in this movie. If you get the chance – watch it!

There is a line from the movie that I really like – Instead of telling our young people to plan ahead, we should tell them to plan to be surprised. I don’t know about you but I love surprises and we can only be surprised if we are open to them.

This week, open your eyes and see things around you with awe and amazement!
There are beautiful things that happen every day. Sometimes little, sometimes big – Life is full of wonderful surprises – let them in! Make plans to be surprised!

Start now … :)


Shaela said...

I thought the SAME THING about this movie, and I loved it too! :)

Sleepydumpling said...

I saw Dan in Real Life when I was in the US, just because it was the only thing on that appealed at the time. I fell deeply in love with Steve Carell and loved the movie to bits. It's a lovely film and I'd love to be adopted into that family!