Saturday, September 16, 2006

Thank you Mr. Barrie for my name …

Did you happen to see the movie Finding Neverland? It’s a great show, one of my personal favorites. This movie is based on the life of J.M. Barrie, author of “Peter Pan”.
Some of my very favorite movies are the ones based on true stories. They inspire me! I absolutely love learning what it is that drives people to do what they do. And what they went through to accomplish it.

Life touches us in different ways (no one person has the same life) and it’s great to see what people choose to do with the ‘journey’. Because of Barrie’s interaction with the ‘lost’ boys and their Mother, he was inspired to create “Peter Pan”. What a beautiful gift he gave to society. This wonderful story is a children’s classic. And as far as I know, he is responsible for creating my name – Wendy. (I happen to really like my name so thank you Mr. Barrie for pulling the name Wendy out of the stars … or out of your head).

Have you ever thought about the stuff that affects your life? Our entire lives are full of events – some happy, some sad, some tragic and some brilliant. What do you do with all of these events? Maybe you have a closet in your mind that holds them all. Maybe you choose to only remember the fun things maybe you play the ‘why did that happen’ game in your head. It’s possible, you keep a journal and its pages hold the ‘days of your life’. Whatever your style, my hope is that you choose to enjoy the journey of life – with all its ups and downs and as you are living, laughing, and learning, please take a moment or two to stop and appreciate who you are and the unique gifts you possess as a human being. Then DO something to make the world a little better. Just as Mr. Barrie used his creative talents to write “Peter Pan”, we can take our authentic style and do something with the events and the moments of our lives.

My hope with this little blog is to offer a space to share that journey…Please feel free to share your dreams, your hopes and the STUFF that makes up the little moments that matter. I truly believe that as we connect and share, we’ll support each other and help others along the wonderful journey called LIFE...

Get ready… Get set…. BLOG!

Here’s the first topic I’d love to discuss: What is your favorite movie? And why do you love it?
(This is only a suggestion, if you want to blog about something else – please do so!)

Till we meet again….