Wednesday, April 25, 2012


If you think can-do, and you’re creative and persistent, it’s amazing what you can accomplish.
CAN-DO People                                                                             NO-CAN-DO People
Take initiative to make it happen                                              Wait for something to happen to them
Think about solutions and options                                            Think about problems and barriers
Act                                                                                                    Are acted upon

Sean Covey / "7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens"

Today - tell yourself you CAN-DO IT and take the first step towards your goal or dream ...!
And then keep doing it!

Monday, April 23, 2012

BE a Solution Seeker ... (Act now!)

Solution - the act of solving a problem, question, etc / way of resolving difficulty: a method of successfully dealing with a problem or difficulty
I find that as challenges and problems arise, the best and most empowering response is to always seek a solution. So many people give in and decide to be victims to the less than perfect situations in life and start to blame everything around them for the state of their lives. And instead of stepping up and claiming the challenge they slump down and begin to blame.
I’d like offer FOUR simple ways to BE a solution seeker-
1.      When a challenge or problem hits – stop and ask yourself - “What’s GREAT about this?” I learned this invaluable tool while taking a class (10 years ago) called: Being Your Best.
This one tool has been so very helpful in my life. Our minds will always seek proof to
affirm whatever thought we give it.  Example: You own a little, old car. It’s not a Porch, a Lexus or anything savvy - but it’s yours! Instead of spending precious time wishing for something else and being ungrateful for the wheels you have, you can stop and ask yourself this powerful question: “What’s GREAT about this?” Your mind can instantly shift into positive mode and begin to list off all the great things about the car!  (It’s paid for, it saves me a ton on insurance and gas, I own it, I have a way to get around, and I’m not walking everywhere and so on). When we choose to focus on what’s great about every area of our lives, we are better able to create positive solutions to the challenges before us.
2.      When you find yourself in a slump – try the gratitude ABCs. This one exercise is one I use often and especially enjoy sharing it via my live workshops. You simply list A through Z on a piece of paper and then next to each letter, you write down something (you love or appreciate about you or your life) that starts with each letter of the alphabet. Example: A) A loving family. B) The birdfeeder my son made me in the backyard. C) Chocolate chip cookies fresh out of the oven … and so on. Again, this provides a mind shift from what’s wrong or missing – to what you love and appreciate. Solutions always follow a positive thought – the ideas come and you find yourself leaving ‘victimhood’ and stepping into a powerful Solution Seeker! Go ahead – jot down your appreciation ABCs – it feels so good.
3.      Write down the pros and cons.  Oftentimes, we don’t take the time to really think through them. One of the best ways to analyze a challenge is to write about it. Vent it out on paper. Here’s a simple excersise to try: Fold a sheet of paper in half. On one side, write Pros. On the other side write Cons – or Good stuff/ Bad stuff. Then make a decision based on the good and bad you find about the challenge or choice at hand. This is a kind gift you give to yourself as it provides an opportunity to think on paper! This also equips you with the power to choose what you will do. If you feel comfortable, talk to someone you trust about the decision and let him/her be part of your solution.

4.     ACT! Solutions don’t just happen – we have to act on the decisions we make and keep acting until we reach our desired goal and destination. Begin and keep moving forward!
Choose to be a Solution Seeker – don’t fall into the blame game or be a victim in your own life. Step up and seek the good and continue to live a life you love – filled with purpose, passion and productivity!

Afterall, it's always your next move, your next choice and with each little moment - we CREATE the LIFE we LIVE.
Wendy Christensen - Author of "It's the Little Moments that Matter", Co-founder of Wiggle Like a Fish and Founder of Book Beginnings.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Begin where you are ...

"The first step is to fill your life with positive faith that will help you through anything. The second is to begin where you are." ~ Norman Vincent Peale