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Fun...uplifting...inspiring and motivating!

Create Something Beautiful - Lessons learned from fixing up an old house! This workshop helps Attendees recognize and appreciate the creative gifts in life. In addition to being uplifted and ready to make positive changes, you'll also feel energized and ready to take on the tough stuff with simple tools that you can use right now!

What's Great about This?Find out how this ONE question can help you live with more passion, purpose and positive energy!

Hold on and Look UPLife is full of challenges and there is ONE person that never changes ... And we can look to HIM and find solutions, peace and healing through the storms of life.

Live your BEST Life!During this inspiring workshop, I share stories of writing my first book, becoming a Literary Publicist and starting Wiggle Like a Fish ... Life is a beautiful adventure and when we believe, act and make a difference, our lives are full of happiness, positive energy and passion!

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or needs you might have. I would love to present a workshop that fits your needs!

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