Friday, February 29, 2008

Leap Year Powers -

I first learned about Leap Year as a young girl. I had a neighbor who was born on Leap Year (February 29) and she informed my sister, Amy and I of all of her magical powers – from being a Leap Year Child. We thought she was all-knowing and pretty much ruled the world because of her special ‘Leap Year’ Status.

Myth #1: Those born on Leap Year can breathe through their eyes (under water) –

I remember standing in our front yard and Debra coming over to demonstrate one of her amazing Leap Year abilities. She told us she could breathe through her eyes under water. We believed it! And stood staring at the bucket as she plunged her head into it and blew bubbles with her mouth (with her eyes wide open). We stood there in awe thinking – We’re not worthy to be in her presence….Wow – Ahhhh …

I’m laughing out loud right now remembering how much she used the ‘Leap Year Card’ in her favor to convince us of her endless supply of power and special talents.

Funny the stuff you believe as a kid!!!

Cheers to the magical influence of those born on this day :)

PS: Debra – wherever you are … Thanks for the childhood memories! Every Leap Year I think of you and all the funny things we learned as neighbors on our little spot in the world.
Art Credit:
Leap Frog by Jennie Stanfield (2007)

Thursday, February 28, 2008

{Gumption … in the Spotlight}
(I got really passionate about this one – I even included 3 youTube videos for your viewing pleasure) Please view them all -

Little summary: counting backward – Watch ‘em:

Ultimate gumption – “Rocky Balboa”
Taking Action – “Walk the Line”
Make a decision – “You’ve Got Mail”

Cheers to guts, spunk and courage!

PS: It all begins inside with a desire to make things happen –
Are you feeling the gumption rhythm??


Rocky Balboa - Official Trailer

Rocky - ultimate gumption!

Joaquin Phoenix - Get Rhythm

A man of gumption! :)

{Gumption Continued}

The second stage of gumption - Knowing what you want and taking ACTION...
(Scene from "Walk the Line") ... I love how timid Johnny Cash is when he first starts performing. He stands at the mic and says "Hi... I'm Johnny Cash." As time goes by, that is not longer a timid statement! In fact, it makes him Johnny Cash. :) See the You Tube video above.

FEEL the gumption rhythm!! :) ....


Courage; Spunk; Guts

In my estimation, there are 3 stages of gumption. Let’s explore them!

The beginning stage - This stage is the place where a person is just trying out their spunk, courage and guts. Below is an example of the beginning stages of gumption.

(Scene from "You've Got Mail") ...

You've got mail

Beginning Stage of Gumption ... :) Make a decision.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Wendy and Amy

{Back Then-ish}
Wendy and Amy - in matching dresses made by MOM!
Happy Birthday to my sister, Amy!!!
(I love you and I hope this year will be full of adventure, love and dreams fulfilled).

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass...
It's about learning to dance in the rain!!!


Wednesday, February 20, 2008

{A Galileo Night ...}

In order to see the moon (like you see above)

You need something powerful ...
Maybe like the telescope shown on the beach above??!
(That looks like a fun time - telescope on the beach!!)
Anyhow ...
Tonight's total lunar eclipse has been an awesome wonder indeed!! My youngest son, Kaleb, received a telescope for Christmas and he decided we needed to try it out on tonight's 'moon events' ...

{Lesson Learned}
After many attempts to zoom in on the moon, we decided a little more high-tech scope would be helpful.... Let's just say that the telescopes from Toys R Us are perfect for pretending to be Galileo!

Ahhhhhhhh what a beautiful night. Cheers to the moon and the beauty of the SKY ...

{My new, little niece ...}
Last weekend, THREE of my sisters (and their families) came into town to visit! Katie, recently had a new baby, Lia, and I was able to hold her. I couldn't get enough of that little girl! It was pure heaven to just snuggle with her and listen to her coo .... I love babies!


To all my family.... I love you. I'm so glad we are close and that I get to have so many adorable, sweet, fun nieces and nephews! I thank Heavenly Father everyday for each of you ...
Cheers to family!!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Another Damsel in distress saved ...
(And not by the Fairy God Mother)

When was the last time you received REALLY GREAT Customer Service? I’m talking about the kind of service that makes you want to hang a sign from a hot air balloon and parade it over your city … Can you see it? (Imagine the good year blimp flying around with a banner the size of a football field).

OK I’m guessing you have a good image now in your mind of how happy I was for the help! My poster (hanging from the blimp) would say:
Another Damsel in Distress SAVED! Thank you Les Schwab Tire guys ...
{Moment of Distress ...}
Last Friday night, I had a big construction nail stuck in my back tire and had 3 places to be at once! The tire was almost completely flat .... what do do?
{Light bulb Moment ...} Aahhha -
I called the Les Schwab store and instantly, they offered a magical solution! :)

1. They sent a guy to my house to put air in the tire so I could safely drive it to the shop to be fixed. Nice huh? I thought so too.
2. Once at the shop, I only waited 15 minutes for the tire to be repaired.
3. No bib- idee bob-idee BOO needed....
The charge for all of the above came to the grand total of -
(Immediate HERO status for the tire guys ...)
Those talented tire experts had my white chariot up to speed in NO TIME...
Ahhhhhhh - Cheers to STELLAR customer service and the heroes at Les Schwab Tires!!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Eric Clapton - Wonderful Tonight (Live) (Video Version)

On my very first date with my husband, he sang this song to me. I was so smitten :) ... And when we're hanging out - with his guitar I always have him sing this song to me. ahhhhhh the power of a song.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Six happy things :) -

Today has been one of the most wonderful days!! :) I am sitting here thinking about all the great things that happened today and feel the need to share a few -
{ONE} I had such a great time chatting with my sister, Jennie, via phone! I am so thankful for my sisters and the fun, loving relationship we all share... (I have 4 of them)!!
{TWO} I took a walk with my Mom along the River and it was beautiful. I enjoyed the gorgeous sunshine, the conversation and just being outside.
{THREE} My kids got home from school today and ran outside to play together.
They didn't come inside until the sun went down and when they finally
stepped inside, their cheeks were bright red!
{FOUR} We made lots of Valentines today - ahhhhh it felt good to share the love!
{FIVE} This is the first Valentine's holiday in 3 years that I am not working at a rose shop.
As much as I loved the roses and people, its nice to be home this year!
{SIX} Tonight when my daughter went to bed, she said:
"Mom, I love you up to the Moon, over to Mars, off a star, down to the ocean and back."
I said: "I love you that much too!"
Life is good. And then some :)
Cheers to the little moments that matter!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Happy Birthday to Abraham Lincoln

A couple of years ago, I had the wonderful experience of visiting Washington, D.C. One of my favorite parts of the trip, was being able to climb the steps of the Abraham Lincoln Memorial and see the huge statue of him inside. It was a really touching and inspiring moment for me.

Feel free to read some famous Abraham Lincoln quotes –
(Visit the website below)

Monday, February 11, 2008

Make a pouch …. Scatter ants … Attract an Aardvark!
(Try this at home!!)

When was the last time you opened the paper and read something really happy? Has it been a while? It seems the media thrives on sharing the bad news! Papers are filled with - Who killed who, who’s broke, who’s losing, who’s not winning, what’s not happening and well you get the scene. It’s time for some happy print! Don’t you think??!

Yesterday morning, I was reading along in the paper and bumped into this really fun article about a family (that I know) who has a very fun, inspiring tradition involving Valentine’s Day and an aardvark! What a combo huh?

Apparently, all you need to do is make a pouch and this Valentine Aardvark makes his way through the heating ducts or up through the water pipes (his travel habits are not entirely known) but somehow, he finds a way to the happy, homemade pouches.

What happens next? This ant loving creature fills the awaiting pouches with little gifts and/or candy! He’s the Aardvark of love… (Sounds so groovy – should be a song)!!

HEY: What are you waiting for?
Valentine’s Day is just a few days out – get making the pouches already and prepare for the Valentine-Vark of love!!

Want to learn more? Please visit the Valentine Aardvark website –

Here’s my little analysis of the aardvark –
Excellent artwork, I love how his ears are burning… I think they must burn because he hears people talking about him? The sneaky look in his eye is a bit like Zorro and the belt adorned with a little, red heart feels like Mr. Incredible! As for the boots – those are all his! This Aardvark has the makings of a Superhero. He’d make a really great animated character in a PBS children’s series or a full movie done by Pixar. Just my thoughts but I see great things for this aardvark of love. Watch out Gotham City!!

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Fighting for a Cause ...

"It is the common task of each generation – and the burden of liberty – to preserve this country, expand its freedoms and renew its spirit so that its noble past is prologue to its glorious future.

Please stand proud today that you fought for a cause greater than yourself, and please continue to fight to preserve our ideals
~ Mitt Romney

The above excerpt was part of an email I received from Mitt Romney thanking those who believed in him for their support. I was moved by the speech he gave at the Conservative
Political Action Conference (CPAC). Below is a link to the speech (feel free to read it):
PS: Today I went to the Caucasus and loved feeling the energy and passion of all those present. My spirit was renewed and it felt as if all present were committed to fighting for a cause bigger than us all :) .... Cheers to America!
On a more personal note ... today is extra special to me b/c it's my Dad's Birthday!
So, Happy Birthday Dad - I love you

Friday, February 08, 2008

This Ad brought to you by: Wendy on a windy, cold and dark February night …

A way to convince, manipulate and persuade the buying public that they
MUST have the item or service being flaunted.

The right shoe can truly inspire a runner.
Anybody elese find this funny?! :)
It's late - good night.
I'm off to dream of feet that paint the shoes they LOVE...

Tuesday, February 05, 2008


You make a difference - Get out there and let your opinion be heard! :)
Happy Super Tuesday ...

Friday, February 01, 2008

- A distinctive quality of orginality, elegance, or flair.

Have you ever stopped to think about the things that make YOU ... you?
This weekend, take a moment and write down the 10 things you love most about yourself.
Then at the very bottom of the list write:
My Authentic Style ...

Cheers to YOU and your elegant flair!! ...