Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Monday, June 22, 2015

Quotes: Why they matter ...

Quotes are so powerful. They are like a little package of goodness - put together in a short, simple way and their impact can be life changing! I love the direct simpleness of a quote.

I often read quotes before I go to sleep. I especially enjoy the positive, motivating ones. I find them calming and reassuring.

Nothing like drifting off to dream with a little Oscar Wilde, C.S. Lewis, Tony Robbins, Dieter F. Uchtdorf, or Jane Austen.

Fill your mind with goodness at night, wake up with goodness in the morning! Our minds are so powerful - what we choose to focus on shows up in our day to day events.

I especially love the words and image above ... don't we all have broken pieces floating around inside?

Go ahead, give someone a hug, or receive one! You never know how healing it can be or the mending it will provide :)

Cheers to quotes, hugs and little moments that matter!

Sunday, June 21, 2015

He taught us how to fish ...

The Lichfield Family - 2004

with my Mom and Dad

 Daddy Daughter Dance - 1984 (ish) ...

1970s ...

 We are family!

Fish on!

Family photo moment in mom and dad's backyard

Go Bombers - my dad and mom never missed a meet.

Dear Dad,

Just a little note for you on Father's Day.

Thanks for being one of my heroes! You taught us all how to work hard, how to pray, how to love, how to be kind, how to fish, how to be patient, how to trust in God, and how to live by faith.

I am so thankful to you and mom for the legacy you have left and the way you have made our family the most important thing in your life!

You never missed cheering for us at cross country meets, you never missed having family prayer, you never missed an opportunity to teach us about the gospel and the love of the Savior.

I love you dearly! So glad I get to call YOU Dad.


PS: Fish on!

Happy birthday!

Birthdays matter!
I like to think of them as a reset day ... great time to reflect, refresh and reassess.
(It's also a good time to celebrate!)

Happy birthday to my husband, Tory, we celebrated with some southern food in Waitsburg, WA
A wiggle like a fish show in Walla Walla
and a trip to the bird aviary ...

Cheers to new years, new adventures and GREAT things ahead!

PS: I love you. 

Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Are you here to help me?

Every Monday, we receive an email from our son who is serving a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. We love Monday and look forward to hearing about his week. Below is an excerpt from this week's update -

There has been lots of flooding in Texas and the Missionaries were able to participate in helping with the clean up of trees and houses and such -

 "Some people were assigned to house demolition where people lost everything in the floods and their house was destroyed. That would be rough. But we got done with one house then drove up the road to see if the group next to us needed the bobcat. They did but when we got out of the car this lady was standing there and asked us... "Are you here to help me?"

 We weren't but we helped her anyways and she bought us lunch and when we were all standing there when we were done she said ..."I was just praying that someone would come and help me."
It was sweet. So many opportunities to help others if we just look outside ourselves."

My Singing Superman!

Wendy and Tory Christensen - singing around the campfire

Tory Christensen, AKA The Singing Superman

Tory and Wiggles ... Wiggle Like a Fish


My husband, who I like to call the Singing Superman, has an incredible singing voice! Over the years, we have enjoyed singing together - mostly at home, in the car or at a select few venues. I get nervous singing in front of a crowd - he does not!

Several years ago, we started a little group called - Wiggle Like a Fish
My husband wrote all the songs and we embarked on a very amazing journey to share the positive music with kids and families everywhere! I became the Booking Agent and PR Director.

He has performed in Children's Hospitals, The Seattle Science Center, Public Libraries, Preschools, Parks, Festivals, Farmer's Markets, and even opened for The Nickelodeon Live show ...

We started this adventure when our kids were little - they are big now! Big enough to take a turn playing, Wiggles, our dancing fish. 

We are thankful for all the ways we have been able to make a difference with the music and for all the people who have and continue to support us along the way! 

You can read more about Wiggle Like a Fish HERE.

Upcoming Events -

June 19th, Walla Walla Public Library
10 AM

July 4th River of Fire Festival
Kids Zone: Shows at 2 and 4 PM

Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Rainbows: Evidence of God's love

Rainbows above our house ...

A rainbow in Afton, Wyoming ...

Double rainbows for Kade ...

Rainbows are evidence of God's love. I have seen His hand in my life by these beautiful beacons of color and light shining through the 'stormy days' ... Below are 3 examples of 'Rainbow Miracles' from the past year -

Double rainbows for Kade -

On the day our son, Kade, received his mission call to serve a 2 year mission (away from home), there were double rainbows in the sky! A loving Heavenly Father let us know He was there and that our son would be watched over.

A rainbow in Afton, Wyoming -

This particular place is very dear to me and to my entire family. It is the homestead of my Grandma and Grandpa Call and I spent many summer days there in my childhood. My older brother, Travis, is buried in Afton and I often think of him and the impact he had on my life.

This rainbow reminds me that a loving Heavenly Father is mindful of the loss in our lives and of the desires of our hearts.  He heals, He lifts, He helps us overcome. And mostly, He loves us through all the storms - HIS love enables us to keep moving forward with hope, faith and joy!

A rainbow at our house - 

Last night, our family said good-bye to my sister and her family. They lived here for the past couple of months and good-byes are not my thing. I avoid them at all costs ... so this good-bye was particularly challenging. Yes, I cried. The flood gates were open ... I let the tears flow!

We drove home and received a photo of our house with the rainbow from our kind neighbor. He took the photo on Sunday from his front porch. He included a little text that said: In case you missed the rainbow ...

This was further evidence that our Heavenly Father is mindful of us and that His plan is bigger than the one we can dream up or comprehend on our own. He is aware of the painful goodbye of the uncertainties in life and every heart that breaks and still He reaches out to lift us up and help us along our way.

I am thankful for the rainbows in my life. They show up at the most needed times and fill my heart with love and light.

Everything denotes there is a God.

I see Him everywhere ... especially in the people who are the most beautiful 'rainbows' of all.

How does GOD show up in your life?