Monday, January 30, 2012

WE made this FUNNY video about the Valentine Aardvark -

Hi ... I'm Betty Jo and this is my brother Billy Jack!

Billy Jack and Betty Jo get a visit from the Valentine Aardvark!

Created by: Wendy, Kaleb, Kade and Lauren Christensen.
ps: The bloopers at the end are hilarious! :)
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Saturday, January 21, 2012

3 Relationship Tips ...

TIP 1: Respect Matters.

Background: Randomly at night as I am driving kids to and fro, I’ll catch bits and pieces of the John Tesh Radio Show. I can honestly say that his tag line ‘Intelligence for your life’ is true. I always learn something. I just now visited his website and was surprised to see that he is blonde. For some reason I picture him with dark hair. OK back to the tip.

One night he was talking about relationships and the number one thing that
makes them last. It’s not money, looks or even attraction. The number one factor (drum roll please) is RESPECT.

I’ve thought about that little nugget of info and totally agree.

TIP 2: Color can set the ‘love’ mood -

Background: I love the Better Homes and Gardens website. I get so much inspiration from their decorating tips and ideas. One day, as I was surfing their smattering of d├ęcor ideas and photos – I bumped into a little segment on romantic bedrooms. Oh la la la – I bumped into tip number 2.

Blue in a bedroom makes it more romantic. Blue it is. Can you guess what color made an appearance in my room? Yup, blue.

Tip 3: The storm stops at the door.

Background: One day, I picked my daughter up from a friend’s house and was
moved by the wood sign outside the front door. It said: The storm stops at the

Our homes are special places that should be filled with peace, love and positive energy. Relationships need a safe place to flourish and grow!

The ‘storms of life’ can be left outside – this allows the good stuff to bloom
inside and opens a platform for better communication! When there is positive
energy in the home, there can be positive feelings and relationships!

What tips have you bumped into lately?!

Thursday, January 05, 2012

Goodbye Dark Clouds - Hello Mt. Rainier!

(Leaving the clouds behind ...)
(From the plane - looking down at Mt. Rainier)

November and December have been quite gray this year. We had an air stagnation problem and the dark, gloomy fog and clouds hovered for weeks! Then my husband and I took a trip to LA for the Biggest Loser Finale and it dawned on me how ‘dark’ the days had been.

When did it hit me? While I was in a little airplane flying above the clouds and as we lifted higher and higher, we eventually broke through the cloud barrier and into the blinding, beautiful sunshine! My spirits lifted with the brightness of the sun! And to my surprise, I looked down (via the tiny window) and found myself staring at Mt. Rainier. It was a great moment!

And it helped me appreciate the opposition we face in life. Some days can be stagnant (with dark clouds) and some days are ultra sunny with beautiful moments and views. I’ve decided that the important thing is our reaction to each and every day. Our focus and our desire to see the good in the dark and light – is what matters and makes all the difference. Looking down at Mt. Rainier reminded me that as we climb higher – we leave the ‘dark’ behind! :)

Today: The sun is shining! I’m off to appreciate it and make the MOST of it!

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

2012 ... LIVE it.

It's a new year. That usually means new goals ... I heard something I really liked on New Year's Day about having a winning attitude and decided that would be my goal!

I am going to approach each new day of this year with a winning attitude! You can too.

Cheers to winning.
PS: Believe. Act. Do ...!! :)