Saturday, July 28, 2007

A Smile from the Moon :) ...
I just finished making chocolate chip cookies and noticed that the kitchen was extra bright tonight ... So I looked outside and there smiling at me (through my new kitchen window) was the man in the moon! Did I offer him a cookie? YES and if he didn't live so far away, I'm sure he would have joined me for a chat about the universe over a large glass of milk and a plate of cookies. We decided a smile was adequate for now.
Good night Mr. Moon. We'll swap stories some other hot, summer July night ...

Friday, July 27, 2007

The colors that make us who we are ...
Have you ever bumped into something that just talked to your soul? Maybe it was a painting or a greeting card or a beautiful scene in nature... Have you ever really thought about why it mattered to you? The picture above is very calming to me. I feel the colors are a reflection of parts of me.
I have touches of blue, orange and green in my personality and a great deal of red (which to me stands for passion, energy and spunk) ... Perhaps that's why I like this picture so much? It serves as a reminder to like and appreciate all the colors of the 'personality rainbow' that make us who we are! Hooray for all the shades of black, yellow and pink that add to our diverse color palette.
The next time you bump into something that warms your spirit, pay attention - it's there for a reason! Cheers to the colors that make us who we are :)!!
Happy Friday night.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

A time to see the SEA ... :)

A Mermaid in the sand ... About to be washed away by the waves

Sandsations! Every year The city of Long Beach holds a sand sculpting contest...
This lady was making a polar bear as part of the event! I had no idea you could make such wonderful things out of sand! It was truly inspiring ...

Statue of Captain William Clark standing next to a sturgeon
Long Beach, WA

North Head Lighthouse ... Long Beach, Washington
(My two sons and I had a tour inside this lighthouse - it was amazing!)

A trip to the ocean …

We just returned from a very eventful, fun trip to the ocean! We were able to run in the waves, sip hot chocolate by the fire, take a tour of a lighthouse, hike, visit an aquarium, walk along the path Lewis & Clark explored and drive across a four mile bridge. It was a vacation full of fun, wonder and appreciation for the outdoors! I do hope this summer has been one of awe and wonder for you and your family … I am so thankful for all the beautiful things there are to see in this world we live in!

Oh the places we can go, things we can see, people we can meet
and stuff we can LEARN!

Cheers to July and all the amazing moments it presented.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Introductions …
{Remember to hold your light high}

Introductions play an important role! Not only in life (person to person stranger to stranger) but on the pages of a book as well. It’s as if the page comes alive and talks to the reader.

Introduction: “Hi it’s nice to meet you’
Reader: “Nice to meet you too!”
Introduction: “Would you like to know more about me?
”Reader: “Yes, that’s why I’m reading you here and now.”
Introduction: “Great! Dive right in and make yourself at home.”

The introduction is often times the part of the book that makes me feel the most emotion. I have cried several times after reading an author’s heartfelt words and sentiments and immediately knew that I HAD to have his or her work of art. This happened when I picked up “Life’s Little Instruction Book” by H. Jackson Brown. The introduction to that book is one of my all time favorites! Five out of five stars in my book…

I can honestly say that writing an introduction to a book is my favorite part of the book. If I can write an introduction, I can write the book.

Below is the introduction I wrote for It’s the Little Moments that Matter – (Now we’re not strangers anymore!!)


Are there dust mites in heaven?

MomentA time or period of success, excellence, satisfaction

Did you know that your house is filled with dust mites? I didn’t realize that until recently. My oldest son came home from school with a Bug Encyclopedia and together (my two sons and I) read through it.

I was horrified when we reached the page about the house dust mites. We discovered that there was no escaping them – It was a ‘dust mite invasion’ discovery!

According to the book, we breathe them in constantly. My sons were so excited by this information, they opened their mouths and inhaled as many of the dust mites as they could! Their excitement was contagious and before I knew it, the three of us were slurping down the dust mites! It was a beautiful moment full of love and laughter! Sometime later, out of the blue (we were driving) my younger son asked me if there were house dust mites in heaven. I told him I didn’t know. I also told him it wouldn’t really matter because in heaven everyone is happy – even if we do share our time and space with millions of dust mites! And he said, “Yeah, just like at our house!”

Later that night as I thought about our dust mite slurping episode, our little hugs, our discussion about heaven and the opportunity I have to be the Mother of three beautiful children, I thanked Heavenly Father for the chance I have to be alive!

And just before I drifted off to sleep, I closed my eyes and thought – Life is full of beautiful moments that really do matter! And WOW … I get to choose what to do with them ALL.
From my heart to yours

This little moment matters -
I hope this book will help you recognize and appreciate the little moments that decorate your life. And then I hope you’ll use your little moments to LIVE, LOVE and CELEBRATE each day!

PS -
In my attempt to hold my light high (You’ll read about that in letter H.) I wrote this book to say – Your life matters, you are worth it, YOU really DO make a difference and mostly – It’s the little moments that matter! So cherish them and enjoy every step of your awesome journey called LIFE!

All my hope and love,
Wendy L. Christensen
© 2004 Wendy L. Christensen
All rights reserved.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

{107 degrees}
Cooling off by the pool in Boise, Idaho

(Lauren & Wendy)

We just returned from a very fun and busy trip to Boise, Idaho. It was HOT...
Thank heavens for swimming pools, air conditioners and frosty drinks.

My husband had 4 shows - he sings for kids so we were busy singing and meeting people!
We also attended The Steele Family Reunion and had fun with aunts, uncles and cousins.

Special thank you to all of the following for helping make our adventures in Boise extra special:
Nampa Public Library, Caldwell Public Library, St. Luke's Children's Hospital,
Boise Public Library, and Loree Jolley for taking care of our yard & pets at home!

Feel free to check out the Wiggle Like a Fish blog:
{Happy Summertime!}

Monday, July 02, 2007

Testing ... Is the mic on?
I've been invited to be a guest on a TV show called "Spotlight" with Dana Robinson. I'm excited about it and I'll keep you posted with the details. The show is filmed in Spanish Fork, Utah and the interview will be 15 minutes!

I'm hoping to fill the time discussing a few of my favorite topics: dreams, life, people and moments that really matter. :)