Monday, June 30, 2008

The drive to the ocean was beautiful … How did we spend the miles? The kids watched a couple of movies, I read and we played ‘name that TV tune.’ My husband had a collection on his ipod of famous TV theme songs (there must have been an option on iTunes called – TV theme songs) b/c I have no idea how he had so many! :) I didn’t grow up on TV (we didn’t have one). So I was thrilled with the ones I did get right – The Flinstones, The Brady Bunch, Gilligan’s Island, The Adams Family and Bewitched. It was wonderful to finally arrive at the ocean. Our sons – Kade & Kaleb couldn’t wait to run in the waves and hunt for crabs. (See photo above).

North Head Lighthouse

North Head Lighthouse – Our entire family went up inside this lighthouse. Viewing the ocean from the top of a lighthouse is beyond words…. If you ever get the chance, take a lighthouse tour!

A sand castle by the sea :) ...
The sand – We had gorgeous weather and soaked up a lot of sun! We played in the sand and hunted for sand dollars. We built a sandcastle and a mermaid on the beach …. It was so relaxing!!

Lauren and Wendy - Hat shopping along the ocean

Hat shops – There are many hat shops along the sea… Its family tradition for us to stop in as many as possible and try on hats!

Cheers to summer and the trips that make them memorable.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

{SEA Creatures ...}

I so hope we find some of these on our trip to the ocean! We can hardly wait to run in the salty water, listen to the crashing sound of the waves, fly kites on the sand and hunt for treasures by the sea! :)

We hope to see - seals, whales, starfish, jellyfish, crabs, sea shells, (not so many seagulls) lighthouses, and sunsets on the beach!

Monday, June 23, 2008

{The Flavors of Summer}
Ahhh the taste of summer ... :)
My kids and I just walked in from picking cherries at a friend's house. Don't you just love the flavors of summertime? A few of my favorites are -
Cherries, pink lemonade, vanilla bean ice cream, pasta salad, fresh veggie stir fry, strawberries, peaches, tomatoes from the garden, avocados, and watermelon ...
Special thanks to Carl & Diane Volmer for sharing their cherry tree with us
(Picking cherries at their home has become a beginning of summer family tradition!!)
Happy Summer!!

Friday, June 20, 2008

{A Gorgeous Friday in JUNE}
What's on your list of stuff to do today?? ...

Here's what I've got planned -
Make French Toast for breakfast (done) - MMM that was good!
Take the car in for new tires (done) - just waiting for the 'its ready' come get it call!
Garden/lawn work (to do)
Pack my son up for a scout camp out (in the works) - hmmm might need some batteries for the flashlight :)
Buy a birthday present for my nephew (to do)
Pack my middle son up for a birthday party sleepover tonight (I think he's doing that now?)
Pack my daughter up for a sleepover at Grandma's (she's already done and ready to go:))
Book an event for an author in Boston (need to finalize that)
Go swimming (when it hits 85 degrees out!)
Celebrate my hubby's birthday tonight - with no kids ---- oh la la la!

Cheers to today :)

Thursday, June 12, 2008

{Dance, Baseball & Tennis}
A few things my kids love -

Wendy and Lauren 2008
Lauren loves to dance!
Lauren takes tap lessons and has a big dance recital this weekend -
last night was the dress rehearsal... Go Lauren! :)

{Double A Little League Champs - 2008}
Oh what a game, what a season! :)
You guessed it - Kaleb loves baseball.

Kaleb with his trophy after the championship game.

Kade loves tennis ...
(We'll be spending some time on the court this summer!)
Cheers to doing what you love and loving what you do :) ...

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Tonight is the championship game for my son's Little League baseball team ... It has been an incredible season and we'll be there cheering!!
PS: As much as I love the game, I have to admit that I'm looking forward to the season winding down. No more washing those white baseball pants and scrubbing out the remains of the slide at second!! :)
Good luck Kaleb, Colby and crew!! And special thanks to Gary and Kathy Christensen for all your dedication to the game and the team ...

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Chalk Art Festival 2007

{Chalk Art Festival 2008}
Come add your artstic flare on a square!

Date: Saturday June 14, 2008
Location: Uptown Shopping Center / Richland, WA
Time: 9 am - 2 pm (ish)
You can pre-register at the Octopus Garden or Aunt Franny's Toys -

PS: This is a great event for the entire family! Wear some clothes you don't mind getting dirty, bring some wet wipes (to wash your hands after using the chalk) and your spirit of FUN! :)

Friday, June 06, 2008

{Dress It Up Day - June 6, 2008}
Happy Dress It Up Day!! I hope you enjoy the many dresses posted below ...
Ahhhh the power of a dress and a little imagination - Enjoy :)
Go ahead ... post something dressy up on your site.
{For the Beam Me Up Moments}
Ever been on a date where you wish you could just say "Beam me up" and be transported to another place and time? Well, this dress was designed for that very purpose! It's called the Spock Collection and includes: Star Trek earrings, a UFO cell phone, and a very Trekish dress.
(When you are ready to be 'transported' - simply say "Beam me up" into the UFO Cell Phone)!

{The Wendy Bird}
OK I have this friend (who I've known for 20+ years) and she calls me Wendy Bird. It's her name for me... Why? I don't know - I need to ask her! Anyhow, this outfit collection was inspired by her nickname for me! The Wendy Bird - Dress, bird handbag, slip on heels (3") - complete with nest on top of shoe. Perfect for a "Free Bird" dance or concert ...


This dress is for those of you who loved the movie Ever After starring Drew Barrymore (PG, 1998). I have always loved butterflies and find them to be so inspiring... It may have something to do with knowing that an ugly worm can turn into something beautiful and fly away!! :)
The purse says imagine which happens to sum up this entire outfit!! Set includes: Fairy dress, butterfly shoes, imagine purse and sparkly wings - Enjoy!

{The Blooper}

I think there needs to be a shoe called The Blooper. There it is ... It goes with anything!
designs by Wendy Christensen
More dresses - keep reading ----
{Dress It Up Day Gallery}
Dress Inspirations ...
Enjoy the dress collection below ... More to come!!
{Learning to Fly}
Dress Designer: Lauren
Sometimes, you just need to feel like an angel. Please notice the green and pink dress above. It was created by my Angel for other angels to wear and enjoy! This dress comes with pink wings, a green purse and pink square (block) shoes. If you would like to purchase the angel shaped earrings those are sold separately. The next dress in this collection is called the Nest. This dress is available for moms and children. If you'd like matching nest dresses please let me know. This dress comes with a nest purse (there are eggs on the purse) - Lauren just informed me that they will not hatch. The shoes have bird nests on the top with polka dot fabric. The earrings are eggs and are sold separately. Cheers to spring and all things that are growing/hatching and learning to 'fly'!!

{The Furry Kind}
Dress Designer: Lauren
Please notice the 3 dresses above. The first one is called the Squirrel. Feel free to purchase the acorn earrings and adorable squirrel purse and shoes to complete the squirrel look. PS: The fabric for this dress is fuzzy brown fur. The second dress is called the Rabbit. The outfit is complete with heart earrings and a little rabbit handbag. The final design in this animal collection is a hula dress. This is a beautiful creation perfect for summer nights on the beach (or at the park) - no need to bring your hula hoop (there's one built in the skirt)! Hula away kidos! :)

{Prom dress dreams ... back in the 90s}
Dress Designer: Katie Lichfield

Back in the early 90s, I was a student at college and mail from home via the mailman was like heaven! One day, I received a very fun letter from my sister, Katie. Inside was this drawing of her dream prom dress! I loved reading all about her plans for the big night and was happy to know that I was not alone in realizing the power of a DRESS! Don't you find it amazing how planning for a big event can add a spark of magic to all involved?!... For the record, the dress turned out beautiful and looked gorgeous on 'Princess Katie'!!

Cheers to your style and panache that makes YOU YOU!!

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

{A prayer on the sidewalk}

Yesterday was a dark and rainy day. It rained all day and felt like we were back in Noah’s time when the earth was being cleansed by a flood! Luckily, we know that will never happen again … (the flood part).

The animal two by two did happen again. – Two dogs showed up on our front lawn late in the evening. (One female and one male) they ended up here on accident or they followed the scent of a happy house full of happy people and couldn’t help but stop by! Luckily, one had a collar with info so we returned it to its home. The other dog was completely lost and thought my husband was his master. He also thought he could come into the house. After an hour of trying to help him find his way home (with no luck) we decided to call around and see if there were any shelters that would take him for the night. They were all closed… Finally, we had to just come inside and turn out the lights. That poor dog stood on our front steps and barked for an hour. I’m sure the barks would have translated into – “Why, can’t I find my home? Why was there thunder in the sky tonight and why did I run away?
And finally, why can’t you just let me come in?”

Eventually the barking and whining stopped and he made his way out into the night
in search of his home.

The cutest part of the whole night was watching (from the front door) as my husband and our 3 children said a prayer (out loud) in the rain on the sidewalk for the dog and master to be reunited!

Dog, wherever you are, know that there are 5 people hoping you find your home full of love and yummy dog treats … :)

Monday, June 02, 2008

Blogger DRESS-IT-UP Day!!
YOU are Invited!!


Friday June 6, 2008

I thought it would be fun to create a few blogger holidays! The very first Blogger holiday is June 6th, 2008. Want to be part of it? Here’s how –

Step 1 -
Design a dress and post it up on your blog.
Post a picture of your favorite dress up on your blog
Post a picture of you wearing your favorite dress on your blog
Please post on Friday June 6th (that's the holiday) :)

Step 2 –
Add commentary… Tell us the juicy details about your dress. Why do you love it, who designed it? What accessories go with the dress? How do you feel when you get all dolled up - where do you want to go??!

Step 3 –
Send me a comment so I can check out your blog and share your link on mine!

Step 4 –
Be creative, have fun and get 'dressy' :)!!!

PS - Invite your blogging buddies to join the FUN!