Sunday, January 27, 2008

A game of tag …

My little sister tagged me via a blog post and not wanting to be a bad sport, I decided I would play along! The rules are this: Once tagged, you must disclose 6 unknown facts/dreams or habits that others may not know about you. Here goes …

First – I love the song “Year of the Cat” by Al Stewart (1976). It’s a mysterious song and for some odd reason, the music lulls me into complete calmness. I find the lyrics romantic and the piano hypnotic. As for the little bells or chimes that you hear towards the end of the song – ahhhhh love it – so gypsy feeling and so free. If ever I am stressed out or feeling like I’m going to stress out I put this song on and ta dah – serenity. Perhaps, I am part cat and this song on some subliminal level awakens my inner cat-ness? (Please let me know what affect this song has on you) – It is posted beneath this entry via video. Listen, watch, feel and then let me know what happens to your soul!! MEOW …

Second – I love words and their meanings. I find dictionaries intriguing, informative and enlightening. In the song “Year of the Cat” Al sings about patchouli – go look it up! Oh what would we do if Mr. Webster would not have been addicted to words and their meanings?!

Third – One of My favorite hobbies is thinking. Think … I think about the little chimes in the “Cat” song and wonder who thought of adding that to the song? It’s brilliant. My favorite thinking time is at night. The house is all quiet and the remains of the day are still lingering in the air and I get to sort them all out and savor the stuff that mattered and shift out the stuff that didn’t.

Fourth – I love being creative and helping others discover their creative self. I remember as a kid writing a play a week. My sisters and I put on many shows for our parents. The other day we checked out “James and the Giant Peach” (audio reading of the book) and my kids laughed very hard when I told them it was my favorite book as a kid. They got a kick out of knowing I produced and directed the kids in my 3rd grade class to put it on for the other 3rd graders at our school. We would practice at recess! I told them I played the role of the Ladybug (b/c my Mom had sewed me a really cool red and white polka dot shirt). For the record - I was a 70s child with a really talented seamstress mom who made me really cool hip clothes (like jeans with ladybugs). PS: If I ever offer workshops on how to tap into your personal creativity, it will involve a stage, costumes, a script and a show! OH the stuff we can learn when we dare to ACT.

Fifth – I love old school style. I better define that so there is no confusion about what I mean by those three words! Old School Style – Manners, grace and charm. I call it old school because sadly, I see manners grace and charm dying and fading away with each new generation. I love it when men hold the door, carry luggage, tip their hat, stand when a lady comes into a room, fill the car up with gas and treat children with respect . I have two boys and a daughter and I am trying to teach them that OLD SCHOOL is COOL! (The old school applies to women as well :) ... If we don't allow the 'old school to continue' it will die ... And we (us ladies) can be a bit old fashioned in our manners as well! Go ahead, look gorgeous for your man after work, have dinner on the table at 5 pm, wear an apron, make bread if you dare and most of all appreciate the little stuff and the big! Wow - You've tapped into the old fashioned old school gene that lingers from generations before me :) ... Lets not let respect and manners die!!

Lastly – I have a dream to one day give a speech at Central Park in New York City. What would my main message be? Dare to dream, dare to be you and most of all dare to LIVE.

Thanks Erica for the tag - I love you.
Ahhhhh - I’m off to think about words, dreams and cats!!
Al Stewart website:

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

For Immediate Release

Ten Tips to Combat the January Blues

January 22nd has been declared as the most depressing day of the year.
Beat the blues with these simple, happy suggestions -

Boost your energy level with the color red. Dab on some red lipstick, wear red shoes,
add some pizzazz to your suit and wear a red tie to work. Be bold and let red add a
little zest to your step and day.

Sing. Remember how music transformed the Van Trapp family in the “Sound of Music?”
It can happen in your home too! Choose a song and sing it – out loud. Feel the joy
and energy that comes from belting out your favorite tune.

Focus on someone else. When was the last time you did something nice for a friend, family member or complete stranger? Here are a few ideas: say I love you, surprise an elderly neighbor with flowers, and smile at strangers everywhere!

Oh la la - Write a love letter. Share your feelings and let the other person know what you love about him/her. (For an extra romantic flare: handwrite the note and send it via snail mail).

Visit your Public Library. There is always something happening at the library. Stop in and feel the energy! Ask the Librarian to suggest a great book.
Have you ever read Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom?

Volunteer. Offer to help in your child’s classroom, sign up to coach a youth
sports team or volunteer to help clean up a local park.

Eat bell peppers. A magical thing happens when you bite into these crunchy vegetables.
You just feel happy eating them….Try it!

Grab a friend and go for a walk. The fresh air and company does wonders for the
body and soul. Schedule walking dates 3 times a week!

Pray. Ask for help from above when taking on the January blues. The Lord really does send angels, comfort and guidance when we ask.

Be kind to yourself. When feeling down and out, be gentle on yourself and give yourself permission to take a nap, go out to lunch, plan a vacation or watch your favorite old movie.

PS: Today is a good day to live, love, laugh and learn (tomorrow is too)!
Note to the press/media/fellow bloggers -
You have permission to use these “10 Tips” giving credit to:
Wendy Christensen author of: It’s the Little Moments that Matter:
26 simple steps to enrich every moment of your life!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

RED … Use it!
(It does wonders for the spirit and soul) ...

v. To give energy to; rouse into activity.

I recently read an interesting article about how colors influence our mood. And was very happy to learn that the color red conjures up feelings of excitement and vitality – go ahead,
work it into your wardrobe when you need a lift.

Favorite red song: “Lady in Red” by Chris De Burgh

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Becoming a DOUGHGIRL ...

Remember Benjamin “Bubba” Bufford-Blue from the movie Forrest Gump? He told Forrest he knew everything there was to know about the shrimping business. According to him, this shrimp cooking knowledge had been handed down from generation to generation.

Like Bubba, I come from a long line of cooks. Only my ancestors didn’t know everything there was to know about shrimp… their expertise is in another type of delicacy. It’s called BREAD. My Great Great Grandmother could do anything with bread (the kind made with yeast). And this has been handed down from generation to generation. My Mother is well known for her ability to make rolls, bread, cinnamon rolls, scones, potato rolls, pretzels, and anything else known under the sun that falls under the ‘bread category’. She knows everything there is to know about bread and making it.

Over the past holiday season, I decided to try out my 'bread abilities' ... This was a bold action on my part and I volunteered to make homemade rolls for a big Sunday night dinner
(just before Christmas).


My bread making attempt turned into comedy central
... the kids and I laughed until we cried!!
Apparently, the 'bread gene' skipped me.

According to the dinner party, the rolls tasted FANTASTIC – They didn’t look real great but they were yummy! Ahhhh - I felt a total sense of accomplishment just for taking it on!! It’s possible that my Grandma and Great Grandma were there in spirit ...

Bottom line:
I don’t know much about the ‘bread making’ business and The Bubba Bread Company is not one I intend to start anytime soon! I’ll leave that for the seasoned bread pros - Like my mom, my aunts, my sisters, and the Puffy Pillsbury doughboy.

Cheers to bread and those who make and bake it…

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

A quote that motivates me ...

This quote never goes out of style for me! It inspires day after day, week after week and year after year ... Here we are in 2008 and you know, anything is possible!
Try saying that out loud - Anything is possible.
Feels good! Happy New Year ... :)