Monday, January 29, 2007

GEORGE STRAIT (The Texas Singing Cowboy) …

Well I’ll be looking for eight when they pull that gate,And I’m hoping that judge ain’t blind.Amarillo by morning, amarillos on my mind.
(Lyrics from Amarillo by Morning)

Warning: Reading this entry may compel you to wear cowboy boots
and dance the two-step …

Ever notice how music has a powerful way of pulling us into the past? Certain songs remind us of falling in love, learning to dance or where we were the moment we heard certain songs. It seems to me that moments accompanied by a song – are guaranteed to last. It’s almost as if songs serve as time machines transporting us back to places we’ve been and things we felt and learned.

It’s fascinating. Thank heavens for music and songs that add magic and emotion to our lives! Saturday night, my husband and I were able to attend a George Strait concert in Tacoma, Washington.

And as we sat in that huge arena with the other 22,000 George Strait fans, I couldn’t help but remember how his songs (through the years) have made a difference in my life…

There are a few George Strait songs that transport me to days gone by. Come on – Let’s take a walk down ‘Strait Song Lane’ - When I hear the following songs, I am transported back to college: Ocean Front Property, Baby Blue, You Look so Good in Love, The Chair, It Ain’t Cool, and The Fireman. (Thanks to those songs, I learned a lot about myself, about relationships and about the art of country dancing) …
I attended college in Idaho and the town was full of cowboys, Wranglers and George Strait fans! My roommate and I were so enchanted with the ‘cowboy flavor’ we decided to start a country dance club (on campus). The opening night, we must have had 500+ students sign up to learn the two-step, swing and “Going Fishing in the Dark” line dance. We had no idea the response would be so great. I sat at the table (in my cactus Wranglers and cowboy boots) in the college ballroom and sold ‘Country Dance Club’ membership cards. “Welcome to the club – find a partner and dance the night away!” Jenni (my roommate) was the dance pro. She stood on stage (with a microphone) and instructed our new club members on various dance steps – “Slow, slow, quick, quick. That’s the two step everyone!” I can still hear her … And the sound of feet moving and dancing. Luckily, she was able to give me a few dance lessons the night before! I didn’t know the first thing about country dancing and Jenni was committed to teaching me. We still laugh about clearing the furniture out of our apartment and trying to teach me to two-step. Luckily, with the help of a few George Strait songs and Jenni’s patient personality….I was able to conquer the two-step. (Thanks Jenni for teaching me to dance. I will always have fond memories of that year we were cowgirls together.)

I don’t listen to country music all that much anymore… but must admit that George Strait and his songs have a place in my heart.

It’s no wonder he had the northern part of Washington State in grid lock on Saturday night! (It took us 2 hours to go 3 miles) … Was it worth it? Absolutely … and my guess is that all of us were hoping his hits would transport us back to the moments in our lives - the ones we never want to forget!

Can you guess what the final song of his show was?
(Hint: It’s the one about the cowboy riding away…)
Did I sing along – YES!
.....Oh the last goodbyes the hardest one to say.
This is where the cowboy rides away

PS -
If you ever get the chance to see this Texas singing cowboy LIVE and in concert - GO. :) (Feel free to wear your boots and hat and ride your horse if you have one!)

George Strait website:

Monday, January 22, 2007

Eat a fortune cookie …

Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings.
The shortest distance between two people is a smile.

I’m in the habit of checking the news via the MSN homepage each morning and today one of the news pieces caught my eye. Which one? It’s the article about today being the most depressing day of the year. I’ve heard many people say that January is a depressing month for them. Reasons vary – the cold weather, gray days, holiday let-down, extra weight from all the turkey, ham and pumpkin pie… the list goes on.

I must admit there is usually a day or two in January that I feel a little ‘down’. Luckily, it’s not today. In fact, my ‘January blue day’ happened last week! What did I do to help combat the day? I ate a fortune cookie, I listened to music and I told myself it was OK to nurture my spirit. Sometimes we need that! We need a day to slow down, reflect and regroup.

Do you need a few ideas on nurturing your spirit? Good because I made a little collection of things that may help you with taking on cold, January days!

5 tips to help with the ‘blues’ –

Get some Chinese food. Order take out and make sure you get a few fortune cookies! (I bought an entire bag of fortune cookies. That way, if I happened to get a fortune cookie I didn’t like – I could simply choose another one). Who says you just need ONE?

Light a candle, eat some bell peppers and put on your favorite music.

Read a book that makes you feel good. Then call a friend and tell him/her about it.

Get outside and enjoy the fresh air. I highly recommend walking.

Buy yourself an indoor plant. (Mini/baby roses are my favorite). Plants do wonders for the soul.

Would you like to know a little history about fortune cookies? Check out the site below -

Remember to smile and feel free to share your fortune cookie message here… (How do you fight the blues?) Feel free to share that too ...

Fortune cookie message for the road: Your strength will grow stronger by being tried.

Monday, January 15, 2007

I have a dream…

I couldn’t help but take a moment and think about those 4 words today. Have you ever had a dream? I have! In fact, I have many dreams! I personally feel that dreams give us wings to fly, they give us passion, they help us get up every day, they help make us interesting, they offer hope for the future – dreams matter.

Have you seen the Disney move “Iron Will”? If not, I highly recommend it. There’s a line from that movie that inspired me (to pause the movie) and grab a pen and paper to write it down!

What was the line you ask? – YOUR PLACE IS WHERE YOUR DREAMS ARE.

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. day … :)

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Priceless ART ...
(I love it when my kids get creative) :) ...

A Dragon
By Kade Christensen (age 10)

Webbed-fingered Parachute Frog
by Kaleb Christensen (age 8)

Monday, January 08, 2007

{Entertainment} - Something affording pleasure or amusement,esp. a performance.

OK I have to admit - I love the movies! And when I see a great show I simply must talk about it. There are three movies I recently watched that deserve a little 'blog attention'.

The first one is - Rocky Balboa. This was a great, inspirational movie! If you are a Rocky fan, it's a must see. My favorite scene is the one between Rocky and his son (on the street) outside Rocky's restaurant. It's inspiring and I believe all sons deserve a speech like that one - if necessary (from their fathers) during their lifetime. I highly recommend this movie. It's a show for guys and gals. :) Rated: PG

Second show worthy of some 'blog space' is - the latest James Bond movie. Casino Royale. I must admit I was sad when the movie people announced that Pierce Brosnan would no longer be the 007... Alas, this new guy was fabulous for the part. This movie shows us the softer side of James Bond and he actually bleeds, hurts and we see his cuts and bruises. He also falls in love and well - I won't ruin the story line for you. It's pure BOND... (full of action, beautiful people and twists that make your head spin). Rated: PG-13

The third movie is - Charlottet's Web. This is a movie for the entire family. :) Julia Roberts is the voice of Charlotte... take the kids and a few kleenex. (I cried)... Rated: G

OK folks - that's all for now.

{The End}

PS -
Feel free to throw your garbage away once the show is over....
And you can turn your cell phones back on now :)

Monday, January 01, 2007

Come on MOM - let's go down again! :)
yahooooooooooo .... That's me and my three kids.
We took advantage of the snow and went sledding ...!

Happy 2007 ...
What if days could talk? :)

Can you imagine what a day would say to you – if it could talk? Would it shout or whisper? Would it be a long conversation or short? Would the day offer advice or simply speak random phrases? I think I just heard a few days from the year 2006 telling me a few things … Come on – let’s find out what they are saying:

January 2006 – (This day used a normal voice tone) “It’s a new year Wendy – you will love, laugh, live and LEARN much this year! Enjoy every moment…”

A spring day in May: (This day shouted at me)
“WENDY the next time you decide to take a journey across the country – remember to take something to help you with your motion sickness on airplanes!”

A hot summer day in August: (This day used a kind, gentle voice)
“Look around – see all the people here? This is your family… They love you and you’re lucky to have each other! Never forget how wonderful it is to be part of a family….”(We were at a family reunion in Park City, Utah)

A cold day in November: (This day used a soft voice tone)
“Wendy, remember this quote it’s beautiful and will help with your future:”
Every story is a love story regardless of the content because it teaches us about us.
~ Resa Steindel Brown (author of the Call to Brilliance).

A snowy day in December
: (This was a whisper)
“Look at this beautiful day and look at those three kids of yours …come on go down the hill on the sled … Now go again!” (Yeah, I did!)

A few of my personal favorite things from 2006 –
John Mayer (love his music – the lyrics make you think and the beat makes you dance).

Mapletree Publishing Company (love the books, authors and the opportunity I have to be their Publicist)

My family, friends and all the love that decorates my life …

I am looking forward to this year and am eager to hear what the days have to teach me …
Come on – bring on the LIVING…!

Love and always love,