Friday, June 08, 2012

Perspective ...

Perspective / The way a person sees the events and moments in life.

I wonder if we are given kids to teach, or to learn from?
-Author Unknown

Last week I took a bike ride with my daughter to the park. We went to see a live band do cover songs from the 60s and 70s. They were really good and it was fun to spend time together - on our bike ride home, we bumped into the weed pictured above. She stopped her bike in front of the big round ball and said: "THAT is the best thing I've ever seen!" and then she asked if she could take it home with us ...

She couldn't get it to break free from the stem so we rode home and got scissors and then rode back so she could cut it down and bring it home. She named it Steve and placed it in a glass jar on the back patio.

I couldn't help but reflect on her perspective ... so many people would see that big round ball as a thousand weeds. She saw it as a thousand wishes and a beautiful piece of nature that deserved to come home with her, be named and admired!

How do you choose to see the events in your life? Is it with wonder and awe or woe is me and doom and gloom?

The way we 'see' and act determines our experience and ultimately our destination and happiness.
Today - Choose to look, see and appreciate the good and magic in the moments that decorate life!

Name them if you want, take them home ... celebrate all the wonders of THIS DAY!