Friday, February 24, 2017

What my Marine Son has taught me about living with INTENTION

Family Day - MCRD, San Diego, Feb 9, 2017
Proud parents ...



an act or instance of determining mentally upon some action or result.
the end or object intended; purpose.

My son turned 18 and two days later, he met with the United States Marine Recruiter. He didn't hesitate, he quickly signed the papers and moved forward.

When he was sworn in - He raised his right hand without hesitation and repeated the needed statements with confidence and boldness.

When it was time to leave for boot camp - He hugged us and left with enthusiasm and a desire to earn the title of US Marine.

When we showed up for his graduation in San Diego, he stood tall, proud and honorable.

He was a Marine. (Way to go!)

When we said goodbye (earlier this week) - after his 10 day leave, he stood tall and proud still.

Intention - it's inspiring and powerful.

Thanks, Kaleb for being brave and focused. I will always admire that about you.

Semper Fi -

I love you,