Friday, February 03, 2017

Can I interview you for my college paper?

Ashton: "Can I interview you and write a paper on you for my college writing class?"
My response: "Sure! Stop by and we can chat!" (Deep down I hoped I would offer value to her project - was not sure what to expect!)

Before she could write the paper, she needed to present her topic and angle to her Professor. She introduced the theme of how it is possible to live a happy life even when there are struggles and challenges. She told her Professor she knew someone who lived with optimism and faith and her paper would focus on that.

Last week, we spent a couple of hours together - she asked if she could record our conversation and with the press of a button, our words were captured. Our time together was great! She added more value to my life than I think I did to hers! So thankful for her kind heart and desire to make a difference.

Yesterday, she stopped by to let me read it. It was a sweet moment and her words touched my heart.

Here's a little segment from the paper she titled: It's a Choice

Wendy has come to know, that the happiness a person experiences and the life they achieve is based not upon what obstacles they are asked to endure, but by the way in which those trials are conquered. “The most powerful tool we have to fight negativity is our mental capacity to see the positive and to share it!” (Christensen).
Currently, Christensen has the opportunity to influence young girls ranging from the ages of 12-18 every week at church. As the Young Women’s President, she sees the challenges these young girls are being asked to face and the strength they are required to have to maintain a positive perspective. By helping them remember not only who they are but who’s they are, she reminds them that they don’t have to face anything alone. She gives them courage to face the world with their heads held high and smiles on their faces. She teaches that the power given to these girls by their Creator is more powerful any obstacle they face.
 The decision to be happy ultimately belongs to the girls, but it is a choice that holds more validity than any other choice they will be asked to make. “Be the change you wish to see!” (Christensen). You see what you want to see, you become what you hope to become, and you conquer with faith. Life isn’t easy for any of us, no matter how it appears. However, I have come to learn that if you face it with an eye single to who you can become and with the decision of what you refuse to give up already made, there is nothing you can’t do. Wendy Christensen has proved this, over and over again.


I thanked her yesterday for stopping by and encouraged her to keep writing! The entire experience made me smile and reminded me our moments matter and the way we approach life makes all the difference.

Choose happiness, choose faith, choose to see
and share the positive!

PS: Thanks for your kindness Ashton ... I appreciated our time together! I love all the good you do and the way you live your life with such confidence, clarity and conviction. The Lord has amazing things ahead for you! Walk tall, keep shining your light bright. Become the best you possible!

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