Tuesday, January 31, 2017


I like to think. Especially at night - I just think about anything I want. And during this thinking time, I process things. I have mind files. This goes there. That goes here. It's like a little filing system for my thoughts. I file them away and drift off to dream.

Our son is at the Marine Corps Boot Camp and the final test/challenge he has to pass through is The Crucible. I've been told that this is very difficult on all levels - mentally, emotionally, physically and beyond. This event spans over 54 hours - they sleep 6 hours, are given 2 MRE's, hike 48 miles with 45 pounds of gear and work through 36 Warrior Stations and 29 Team Building Exercises. Bottom line, it's tough. And it's meant to be. They are forged through the experience and it changes them forever.

Yes, this was the main topic on my mind last night. I said a prayer for our son and his platoon and then I thought about the word - Forged.


to form by heating and hammering; beat into shape.

to form or make, especially by concentrated effort:

I like those definitions and as I was thinking last night, I thought - life forges us. Life beats us into shape. And it's especially effective if we are making a concentrated effort to become the best person we can be each day.

I tried to imagine myself with 2 MRE's and a 45 pound pack marching 48 miles and it made me tired ... but really, isn't that what I've been doing all my life? Marching and carrying the load that is mine to carry. It's been a great march and it's been my 'crucible' I have been forged by all of it. And will continue to be forged ...

I pray that our son will press forward with optimism and strength and that he will be a leader and help his platoon accomplish the goal ahead. They can do this!

Cheers to life and the march it is and the forging that takes place each and every day.

Stay optimistic. Stay committed to your goals and dreams. Stay close to our Heavenly Father.

Become the best you possible.
Forge on.

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