Saturday, January 21, 2017

La La Land

"La La Land" -
It has an 'old movie' feel - like "Casabalanca" or "Singing in the Rain" with a modern twist ...

The first scene – pure genius.
The last scene – pure gut wrenching.
The soundtrack - amazing!

I really had no idea what to expect – I watched the trailer, thought, “Wow, a musical” and we went. 

The first scene grabbed me and I wanted to jump into the movie and join them. Singing and dancing on the highway! I’m in. Perfect solution for anyone about to explode in road rage in traffic – sing and dance.

I didn’t know it would be such a tear jerker. The last 20 minutes of the film had me sobbing. I had no mascara left on when it was over. (Don’t wear make-up to this film). This film moved me on so many levels - I cried in the bathroom after the show, on the way home and then some ... (I know, pull it together right? They say crying is good for you - releases toxins - so I cried.)

Life, like jazz is full of the unexpected. The ending to this film just threw me. Sabastian is playing their song and he replays (in his mind) all the choices he’s made. During the song, he rewrites his history – (goes to la la land) and creates an alternate ending - just so we can really feel the weight of his feelings. You could hear the entire audience crying during this 'replay' .... He didn’t end up with the girl – but he does have his jazz club.

Was it worth it?

That’s the beauty of the film. Art is subjective. It touches us all different.

I couldn't believe they didn't end up together. Ahhhhh - What?!

I found myself reflecting ... I thought: "Life is so full of choices. And our dreams matter but is one dream more important than another? What ultimately is it we are looking for? Is it success? Is it true love? Is it peace? Is it happiness? Is it to find our true purpose for being alive? I believe the answer is yes (to all of it) and yet, we must decide what parts of the dream matter most."

Will you choose love?
Will you choose a career?
Will you sing and dance?
Will you create the life of your dreams with the ‘love of your life’?
Will you give up a dream for another, more important one?
Will you look back and have regrets?
Will you move forward and be happy no matter what?

This movie is amazing. I’ve seen it twice this week – in the theater.  Warning: It makes you think, it makes you feel, it makes you ponder what matters most in life. And, it makes you cry. There is one F bomb in the film. (Just be aware). Wish it was not there.

Cheers to life and the dreams we chase.
And when we look back, would we do it all again? The same way? Or different ...

Post script: I have edited this post so many times. Had a difficult time putting into words my feelings about this film. I think it has been a bit therapeutic. And that's why I keep going back to see it! :) Plus, I love the music and after all, it's a love story and I LOVE love stories.

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